Anatomical & Instructional Illustrations

An undergraduate degree and Masters degree in science, along with a background in biological research help us provide scientifically accurate renderings of anatomical and biological subjects. The images are created for educational or reference usage and vary in complexity based on the client’s needs. Images may be produced in color, tone, or pen & ink.

Editorial Illustrations

These images are made to generate audience interest and grab the viewer’s attention. The style and level of complexity are tailored to the client’s needs. The project can be conceptual, realistic, or clinical and may be produced in color, tone, or pen & ink. We combine our scientific knowledge and artistic skills to generate captivating images that engage your audience.



Animation allows the audience to better understand complicated processes and structures with its ability to depict scenes with the addition of time and spatial relationships. The animations are created for use in academic, promotional, and commercial settings. The source material will help determine whether 2D or 3D will help the audience understand the project’s story. Animations capture the audience’s attention and are an excellent way to reach more viewers than traditional illustrations.


Storytelling is important in making animations and is used extensively to make decisions about any animation produced. Creating storyboards is the first step used for animating, and this step is offered as an independent service.